Cannabis legalization (closed)

This engagement is now closed. It ran from 2017-08-10 to 2017-09-30.

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Results at a glance

The survey consisted of an introductory section with general questions, and seven optional sections about specific topics.

There were 3,172 responses to the introductory section, and between 2,416 and 2,817 responses to each of the seven optional sections.

  • 97 per cent of respondents were Yukon residents, and 80 per cent were residents of Whitehorse.
  • 81 per cent of respondents support the federal government’s plan to legalize cannabis.
  • More than 85 per cent of respondents support Yukon’s priorities of focusing on public health, harm reduction, preventing negative impacts on youth, and displacing illegal activity.
  • About 75 per cent agreed that it is either completely or somewhat acceptable to occasionally smoke or eat cannabis for recreational purposes.


  • 45 per cent of respondents stated that the minimum age for possessing, purchasing, or growing cannabis should be 19 years.


  • 71 per cent said Yukon should set the personal possession amount for dried recreational cannabis at 30 grams, the same as the limit set by the federal government.


  • 65 per cent of respondents agreed that Yukon should allow for four plants per household, the same as the limit set by the federal government.


  • 58 per cent of respondents agreed that there should be limitations on public consumption of all forms of cannabis (e.g. smoked, eaten, mixed in drinks, etc.).
  • 77 per cent of respondents agreed that people should be allowed to smoke cannabis on private property.


  • 70 per cent of respondents agreed that the Government of Yukon government should, in some way, oversee or manage the distribution of cannabis.


  • 51 per cent favoured allowing sales of cannabis using a mixture of government and private retail stores.
  • 24 per cent favoured a model that includes only private stores.
  • 19 per cent favoured selling cannabis exclusively through government-operated stores.


  • 80 per cent of respondents agreed that there should be zero tolerance for any alcohol or drugs for new drivers and drivers under the age of 21.


  • 82 per cent of respondents stated that there should be public education in stores that sell cannabis.

What was this engagement about?

The Government of Canada is legalizing cannabis by July 2018.

Territories and provinces have to decide how and where cannabis will be sold, where it can be consumed and how to address impaired driving and workplace safety.

We asked for input on how Yukon should respond and adapt to the upcoming federal cannabis legislation.

How will my input make a difference?

Your feedback is informing the Government of Yukon as it develops a new Cannabis Control Act which, along with associated regulations, will be in place in advance of federal legislation.

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