Liquor Act review (closed)

This engagement is now closed. It ran from 2017-11-01 to 2019-04-30.

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Results at a glance

  • 78% of people who responded to the survey wanted anyone who sells or serves liquor to have responsible liquor service training.
  • 62% supported stand-alone private liquor stores
  • 65% supported allowing grocery stores to sell some liquor products.
  • People in rural communities expressed concerns about increasing access to liquor


Key themes we heard

  • Social responsibility— we should review the Act’s social responsibility mandate. We should consider mandatory training for servers and other ideas.
  • Supporting local producers and businesses or licensees—we need to support local producers and licensed businesses to experience long-term success.
  • Licensee pricing—we should review the rules about minimum prices and maximum prices for liquor off-sales.
  • Consumer access to liquor—we need to understand consumers’ retail preferences. We should consider social responsibility when determining where to sell liquor.
  • Licensing, inspections, permitting and enforcement—we need to streamline these processes. We should also adopt best practices and improve the methods of enforcement and compliance.
  • Governance—we need to review the roles and responsibilities of the Yukon Liquor Board and the Yukon Liquor Corporation.
  • General administration— we should address contradictions in the Act and Regulation. We also need to and update language in the Act so that it’s inclusive and aligns with other areas.
  • Other—we need to be open to other concerns raised by Yukoners.

We often heard about the real harms caused by liquor and intoxication. Some of the issues raised are beyond the scope of the Liquor Act review, and this feedback will be shared across government with the appropriate departments.


The next steps – The Yukon Liquor Corporation will continue to develop policies and draft the legislative framework needed to update the Liquor Act. The legislation will be brought forward to the Yukon Legislative Assembly next year. Meanwhile, we will share Yukoners’ ideas about how we should improve our alcohol-related programs and services with different areas of government.

What was this engagement about?

The Liquor Act is 40 years old and parts of the legislation are no longer relevant. The Yukon Liquor Corporation wants Yukon citizens to help guide the drafting of an updated Act. An updated Act will reflect best practices, meet modern-day realities and future needs. It will also allow us to balance social responsibilities and local economic opportunities.

How will my input make a difference?

Input from survey will help focus discussion at public meetings. Feedback from this public engagement will inform the policies that will guide drafting legislation to update the Liquor Act

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