Changes to fishing regulations at Mandanna Lake

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Fish populations have started recovering to healthy levels in Mandanna Lake. The Government of Yukon and Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation are interested in changing the fishing regulations on the lake.  

We would like to remove restrictions for this recovering population, and allow anglers to keep one lake trout. We would also set a total catch limit of five fish of any species in one day when fishing on Mandanna Lake. The goal of this proposal is to honour traditional values and provide a high-value sport fishing opportunity in Yukon.

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Your input will let us know if we are going in the right direction, and let us know if there is public support for the proposed change.

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Mandanna Lake is significant to Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation; it is identified in their Final Agreement with a joint management plan in place. Mandanna Lake was the first lake in Yukon to close licenced lake trout harvest (zero retention) in the 2001-02 licence year. The closure was based on very low lake trout stocks and followed a recommendation in the Mandanna Lake Management Plan. Evidence shows that the lake trout population has recovered enough to support limited harvest after 15 years of closure.

The lake has been popular for Wilderness Tourism Operations, who have only offered catch-and-release sport fishing opportunities since the closure in 2001-02.

A lake trout population assessment in 2013 suggests the population in Mandanna Lake is starting to rebuild, and is now close to expected lake productivity. We are advising a cautious approach to opening lake trout harvest, as the population is still in the early stages of recovery.

If limited recreational fishing for lake trout at Mandanna Lake goes ahead, we will continue to monitor the population through time to assess sustainability of this new harvest opportunity.

Netting surveys in 1999, 2000, and 2005 showed evidence of a depleted lake trout population. We closed recreational lake trout fishing in 2001 following recommendations in the Mandanna Lake Management Plan. A Summer Profundal Index Netting (SPIN) survey in 2013 provided evidence that the lake trout population had increased.

We are still seeing some symptoms of past over-fishing (we caught fewer large, old lake trout than expected in the 2013 fisheries survey), but evidence shows that the population could now support some recreational lake trout harvesting.

The Government of Yukon discussed this proposal with Little Salmon Carmacks/First Nation in January 2017 and August 2017.  This proposal addresses the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation’s request for a regulation that accounts for traditional values with limits to live-release angling.  Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation supports the approach outlined in this proposal

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Results will be posted in October 2018.

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