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This engagement is now closed. It ran from 2018-01-09 to 2018-02-26.

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Download a poster that explains the guiding principles for meaningful public engagement using stories and quotes directly from Yukoners.

Results at a glance

Here were your top 10 recommendations for how we should improve the way we do public engagement.


Before Engagement

1. Communicate early about the engagement process through multiple channels and ensure citizens have time and a variety of opportunities to participate. Avoid the use of jargon and be clear and concise.

We asked Yukoners, “How would you like to learn about opportunities to engage?” Here are the top 5 responses:

Social media – 28 per cent
Emails – 22 per cent
Websites – 19 per cent
Newspaper ads – 18 per cent
Direct mail – 13 per cent

2. The scope and intention of the engagement process needs to be clear. Any limitations, prior commitments, or decisions that have already been made should be relayed to the public so there is an understanding of what is being asked of them.


While Engaging

3. Be willing to be flexible based on the feedback you’re receiving.

4. Allow for engagement opportunities over the lifetime of the project and not just as a one-time event.

5. Use multiple approaches and techniques to gather input and provide more opportunities for dialogue and discussion.

We asked Yukoners, “How do you prefer to provide your input or feedback?” Here are the top 5 responses:

Online surveys – 38 per cent
Face to face engagement events – 29 per cent
Online discussion forums or tools – 20 per cent
Written submissions – 8 per cent
Phone calls – 5 per cent


6. Build time into the engagement process so participants are able to tell their stories. The process should foster safety and encourage sharing of differing perspectives.

7. Listen to participants, and seek clarification and understanding.


After Engagement

8. Be willing to take action based on the feedback you’ve received. If a decision has already been made, do not engage with the public. 

9. Reports back to the public should reflect participant contributions to the conversation. This should be ongoing during the process as well as at the conclusion of the engagement.

10. Communicate the results of engagement process so that participants understand how their input influenced the decision. Close the loop. If there are any next steps, outline those clearly and point participants to a place where they can watch for more information.

What was this engagement about?

We know we don’t always get public engagement right – but we want to take steps to improve. This initiative was about you telling us what a meaningful conversation and meaningful public engagement looks like to you.

What is public engagement?

It’s a process that links public input – like yours – into a decision using problem-solving or discussion between governments and the general public. It’s not a single event, but rather a journey that we hope will build trust and a stronger relationship between you and government.

How will my input make a difference?

Sharing your input will support the Government of Yukon and the City of Whitehorse as we improve the way we engage with the public and use your input to shape the best possible decisions.

We will use your input to create:

1. A public engagement scorecard that the Government of Yukon and the City of Whitehorse will use every time we engage with the public to measure and evaluate the success of our processes.

2. A Citizen’s Toolkit that supports you, an active and interested Yukoner, to be able to contribute to any engagement process.

We are currently working on finalizing these tools so that you can use them soon. Stay tuned.

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