Yukon Wetlands

How do I participate?

We are developing a Yukon-wide wetlands policy through a roundtable with governments, industry and environmental organizations. You may contact an organization or government that represents your views at the roundtable. We have held four roundtable meetings so far in April 2018, June 2018, October 2018, and March 2019.

We will invite all Yukoners to provide feedback on a draft wetland policy. Watch this page for updates on future public engagement opportunities.

What is this engagement about?

There is currently no framework in place to guide the management of activities in wetlands across Yukon. This has created uncertainty for land managers, industry, and project assessors when dealing with development in wetlands.

As part of the implementation of the Yukon Water Strategy, the Government of Yukon is developing a policy for managing Yukon wetlands, including support for wetland inventory and monitoring, in partnership with other governments, stakeholders and the public.

We need a wetland policy for Yukon because:

  • Wetlands are important, unique parts of the ecosystem and have many valuable functions.
  • Human activities can affect wetlands, and we need to improve our management of these effects.
  • Multiple governments and organizations have roles in managing wetlands and activities that affect them, a common policy framework will support a consistent and integrated approach.

How will my input make a difference?

Your feedback will help build a strong, consistent and united approach to wetland management that is responsive to the values and concerns of Yukoners.

Where can I find related information?

More information about Yukon wetlands is available in the State of Environment Report.

Give your feedback on the engagement process

Share your thoughts on the engagement process by sending an email to tyler.kuhn@gov.yk.ca or amy.law@gov.yk.ca

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