Alaska Highway safety upgrade through Hillcrest

How do I participate?

Attend a meeting

May 29, 2019: Hillcrest business meeting

June 5, 2019: Hillcrest open house for residents

Fall 2019: Hillcrest open house for public

Find more information about upcoming meeting on our project site

Meet with us

To book a meeting with the project team contact Doris Wurfbaum at 867-393-7193 or at

What is this engagement about?

We want to give Hillcrest and Whitehorse residents a voice in shaping the functionality of the Alaska Highway that runs through their community. 

We are promising:

  • To seek your views.
  • To make it easy for you to talk to us and get involved.
  • To use communication tools suited to the scale of decision we’re making.
  • To explain our decisions.
  • To foster and respect relationships with citizens, groups and communities, First Nations, municipalities and other governments.
  • To consider local solutions to problems.

More information, including project updates, can be found on our project website

How will my input make a difference?

Your input will help shape the new design of the Alaska Highway where it runs through Hillcrest, before going to tender with the construction in 2020. This input will help the Government of Yukon to mitigate and address concerns residents may have, and build confidence in the project moving forward.

Where can I find results?

Engagement results will be shared on our project website,

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