Measuring What Matters: Creating a Profile of Wellbeing for Yukon (closed)

This engagement is now closed. It ran from 2019-05-14 to 2019-06-30.

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Input received during our workshop will help us build Yukon's indicators and create our fall 2019 survey. A summary of the survey results will be posted when available. 

What was this engagement about?

How would you measure wellbeing? We want to hear your thoughts about measuring what matters and defining what a high quality of life looks like in Yukon.
We are partnering with the Canadian Index of Wellbeing to take a deep dive into the factors that drive and contribute to wellbeing in Yukon. This approach provides a unique opportunity to learn more about the complexity of wellbeing in people’s lives using the CIW model and its eight domains: community vitality, democratic engagement, education, environment, healthy populations, leisure and culture, living standards and time use.

In May 2019 we held a design studio workshop for local government representatives, community and volunteer organizations, and hosted an online discussion board for Yukoners. 


How will my input make a difference?

Your input will help us identify new wellbeing indicators for Yukon that we can track and report on going forward. Your feedback will also be used to customize and shape the community wellbeing survey that will launch later this fall. 

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