Taking the Pulse: A Health and Wellness Conversation (closed)

This engagement is now closed. It ran from 2019-05-08 to 2019-12-20.

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Phase 1 results

Download the What We Heard report: Phase 1: What We Heard (open this link in Google Chrome). The panel released the results of the first phase of public engagement on September 30, 2019.

Visit takingthepulseyukon.ca to learn more about the Comprehensive Review.

Phase 2 results

A Phase 2 What We Heard document will be posted in early 2020.


What was this engagement about?

In November 2018, an Independent Expert Panel was appointed to conduct a review of Yukon’s health and social services systems. The panel is made up of Yukoners and health systems experts from outside the territory.

Working together, we have to figure out how we can better allocate our existing resources (people and money), improve services, make things more efficient and find creative solutions to meet our needs today and tomorrow. To do that, the panel needs to hear from Yukoners about their experiences using our health and social services system.

How will my input make a difference?

We are looking at how we can make changes to Yukon’s health and social services programs and services. We want to talk to you about how we can do all of these things:

  • Improve the quality of health and wellness of Yukoners.
  • Ensure patients, clients and providers have positive experiences.
  • Provide good value for money.

The Independent Expert Panel has released the results of phase one of its public engagement, which took place from June through August, 2019.

When phase two is complete, the panel will prepare a draft report with recommendations for the government by December 2019, and will provide its final report by March 2020.

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