Yukon Mineral Development Strategy

How do I participate?

This process is being led by an independent Panel. For information on how to participate please refer to their website at Yukonmds.com

What is this engagement about?

The Government of Yukon and the 11 Self-Governing Yukon First Nations are committed to the long-term responsible management of Yukon’s mineral resources, and to supporting a healthy mining industry that adheres to high environmental and social standards. To help achieve this, they collectively appointed an Independent Panel.  The Independent Panel hosted a nine-month public engagement process.  The information from the process is being used to inform the development of recommendations for a Yukon Mineral Development Strategy.

The Independent Panel is now in the process of developing their recommendations. The Draft Recommendations will be shared with the public for a period of Public Comment.

How will my input make a difference?

Your input is helping to guide the Independent Panel in the development of their recommendations. You will also have the opportunity to comment on the Independent Panel’s draft recommendations when they are released.

The Panel’s Final Recommendations will be submitted to Yukon First Nations and the Government of Yukon for consideration and possible implementation.

Where can I find related information?

Visit the Yukon Minerals Development Strategy website at Yukonmds.com

Where can I find results?

The What We Heard report for the Yukon Mineral Development Strategy is now available. 

There are two options for learning about “What We Heard”.  One is a comprehensive overview of what the Independent Panel heard.  The other is a Summary of Key Findings.  Both are available for download on the Independent Panel’s website at Yukonmds.com.

Please refer to the YMDS webpage for further information regarding the Yukon Mineral Development Strategy process.

Results at a glance

You are invited to review and comment on the What We Heard report. Your feedback will help the Independent Panel determine if any important information has been missed. 

Give your feedback on the engagement process

How is the Independent Panel doing on this public engagement?
If you have input, you can contact the panel on their website Yukonmds.com

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